Instructors at Vintner's Golf Club

Bob Boldt

Bob Boldt, played the PGA Tour and Senior PGA Tour. Bob was also the long drive distance leader sand save stat winner. Teaching and playing for over 30 years, he has tutored junior college winners, All Americans and PGA Tour winners.

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Jeff Dennis

Teaching is his passion! He has been teaching for over 25 years and has given more than 15,000 lessons. Although his expertise is teaching juniors, beginners and low handicap players, he teaches all skill levels. His calm, happy, go lucky personality allows his students to feel at ease making it much easier and more fun to learn. He has extensive knowledge of the game but is very skilled at not giving too much information at one time.

Jeff is a graduate of Chabot College where he played on the golf team winning two Northern CA Team Championships, Team State Championship and Individual Golden Gate Conference Championship. After college he continued to compete and achieved many more titles, including winning over 40 Pro Am Tournaments in Nor Cal. Jeff is an independent contractor who has been teaching at Vintners Golf Club since 2002.

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Chandler Helmholz

Chandler Helmholz has 27 years of golf experience with 7 years of instructing at the professional level. His teaching philosophy revolves around the importance of a perfect grip and setup. Swing characteristics including face angle, swing plane, and impact position are all analyzed through the use of dual camera angles and TrackMan technology.

TrackMan provides the student and instructor instant feedback after every swing through 3D trajectory tracking and 26 impact and ball flight parameters. Each shot is analyzed and stored within your account for you to access at any time. Shot pattern/trajectory reports, swing comparisons to touring professionals, and voice over lesson reviews are all included when using TrackMan technology.
To meet Chandler and learn more about how TrackMan can improve your game call 925-586-7592 or visit