Tuesday Night League 

Dos Bendejos 1-0
Brian's Song 1-0
Team Shed 1-0
Wine Ohs 1-0
Blarney Men 1-0
Fair Way 1-0
Amazing Ladies 1-0
In the Thirties 1-0
Wine Ohs 1-0
No Gimmees 1-0
Players 0-0-1
Double O's 0-0-1
Dirty Ones 0-0-1
Insurance Pros 0-0-1
Ball Washers 0-0-1
Maui Girls 0-0-1
Trumbles 0-0-1
Wardogs 0-0-1
M & M's 0-0-1
Bird in Hand 0-1
Safe Ride 0-1
TNT 0-1
Team Aspen 0-1
Brasilian Blurs 0-1
Back from Dead 0-1
Adam Bomb 0-1


First Week Results
Trumbles halved M & M's
Amazing Ladies beat Back from Dead
Team Shed beat Back from Dead
No Gimmees beat Bird in Hand
Players halved Wardogs
Wine Ohs beat Wardogs
Maui Girls halved Insurance Pros
In the Thirties beat Brasilian Blurs
Dirty Ones halved Double O's
Ball Washers halved Double O's
Fair Way beat Safe Ride
Dos Bendejos beat TNT
Blarney Men beat Team Aspen
My Buddy beat Adam Bomb
Brian's Song beat Adam Bomb



Thursday Night League
Spring Trimester

G & G 1-0
Wing & Prayer 1-0
City of Troy 1-0
Just Business 1-0
Big Red Machine 1-0
Grab Da Horns 1-0
Strongarmed 1-0
Two Putz 1-0
Koens 1-0
Sweethearts 1-0
Balls Out 0-0-1
Single Malt 0-0-1
Juiced In 0-0-1
Rotten Robbie 0-0-1
Morris Sharks 0-0-1
Telle Brothers 0-0-1
Gript it & Flip it 0-0-1
Greyhounds 0-0-1
Roid Rage 0-1
Back n Black 0-1
Light it Up 0-1
S & S 0-1
Why Nots 0-1
Chip it In 0-1
Sandy Pockets 0-1
Kathys Porsche 0-1
Big Wood 0-1
Stan Da Man 0-1

First Week Results

Two Putz beat Sandy Pockets
Strong Armed beat Roid Rage
Single Malt halved Greyhounds
Grib it Flip it  halved Balls Out
Telle Brothers hlaved Rotten Robie
City of Troy beat S & S
Morris Shakrs halved Juiced In
Just Business beat Back n Black
Wing & Prayer beat Kathys Porsche
Big Red Machine beat Light it Up
Grab Da Horns beat Chip it in
Koens beat Stan Da Man
Sweethearts beat Why Nots
G & G beat Big Wood